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Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)


All applications for the Bar professional training course (BPTC) should be made online via www.barprofessionaltraining.org.uk, with applications opening in November and closing in January. Applicants may see references to the Bar vocational course (BVC) on the application form – this is simply the previous name of the BPTC.

When and how to apply

Candidates are advised to submit their application as early as possible. For the 2015-16 academic year, the application will be opened on 17th November 2014 and the deadline for first-round applications is January 2015, with a clearance pool for new applicants opening in April and closing at the end of August. Exact dates for future years should be checked well in advance on the timetable, found on the BSB website.

Applications for a place on the BPTC must be made through the BSB's central applications system at www.barprofessionaltraining.org.uk. As well as the additional criteria of individual providers, candidates must satisfy new BSB admission requirements. First, students must hold at least a 2.2 degree (either in law or non-law plus a pass in the GDL). Second, if English is not their first language, students must gain a score of at least 7.5 in all subjects of the British Council's IELTS test or a TOEFL score of 28 in each section.

In addition, since 2012 candidates must take the Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT), designed to examine an applicant's chances of success at the Bar. The BSB has made a practice test available here BCAT Practice Test.

There are 13 stages to the online application:

  • Biographical data: basic personal details
  • Academic stage of training for the Bar: stating what stage of academic training you have done up to this point ie the common professional examination, graduate diploma in law or an alternative. You’ll need to have achieved at least a 2.2.
  • School education: details of qualifications from A levels upward
  • Optional second degree information: if you have a second degree you may reference it here.
  • Employment history: basic details, with an additional section for you to state whether there are any ways in which your previous work has developed skills suited towards becoming a barrister. It’s a good idea to make use of this section.
  • Further professional qualifications: any wider qualifications you may have been awarded.
  • Skills: language and computing skills. Depending on which course they have taken/are studying for, international students will need an IELTS score of 7.5 in all segments of the test, a TOEFL score of 28 in all segments, or a Pearson score of 73 in all segments.
  • Jurisdiction: where you intend to practice after qualification.
  • Inn details: details about your Inn of Court membership (if you are not a member already, then you’ll need to add a date of when you’ll become a member. This should be before 31 May in the year you begin your BPTC).
  • Previous BVC/Bar examination attempts: details of any previous enrolments.
  • Declaration: confirming all details are accurate and true.
  • Supporting evidence: a series of biographical and competency-based questions ascertaining your interest in law, and your ability to train as a barrister. These are –
    • Please detail any mini-pupillages or other Bar-related experiences that you have undertaken (3,000 characters)
    • Please explain why you want to train as a barrister (2,000 characters)
    • Please provide specific examples of your ability to quickly and accurately analyse large amounts of written information (2,000 characters)
    • Please provide specific examples of when you have displayed exceptional communication and/or interpersonal skills (2,000 characters)
    • Please provide specific examples of how you have developed your advocacy and public speaking skills, preferably since the age of 18 (2,000 characters)
    • Please describe a time when you have been particularly under pressure and how you organised your work (2,000 characters).
  • References: contact details for references.

BPTC Course Providers

The institutions in England and Wales validated to provide the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) are -

NEC is the Authorised Representative of the following Universities -

University of Law Northumbria University UWE

For further information please call us on +8801755707070.


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