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Depending on your education we can help you gain a scholarship offer for Bachelors Degree, Postgraduate Degree or PhD.

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Why Choose NHP Education Consultants?

Why Choose NEC?

In confusion, many can't decide where to get proper knowing for his or her desired aim and sometimes it can be an unwise decision. So, thousand of students have chosen to have their English Language learning and Study Abroad services at NHP Education Consultants.

Guarantee of Quality

  • Professional teachers with expertise on IELTS, TOEFL.
  • Years of experience and expertise guiding and supporting your study.
  • Teachers trained to teach in an effective communicative way – fast results guaranteed!

Professional and Personal

  • We give clear individual advice to help you choose the best course
  • Reliable testing and interview process to put you into the right class
  • Small class sizes, maximum 15 students
  • Regular tutorials to ensure you are making good progress

Value for money

With our small class sizes and experienced qualified teachers we represent great value for money with a guarantee of success.


A lot of students have successfully taken our services and used their qualifications to reach the highest levels in their chosen profession. The key to our success is that we are concerned about our students and over the years we have developed an wider community.


Since its establishment NEC has built up a very good reputation through its excellent services and in partnership with prestigious Universities and Colleges around the world. So consultation from NEC will boost your opportunities to study in the overseas around the world.

Excellence in Service

High visa accomplishment status can be accredited to a number of factors counting the quality of our services and our counsellors are experts in their field and also have professional experience.

Competitive and sensible fees

Our service charges are notably lower than those of most Bangladeshi consultancy firm. This is because we are an independent consulting firm and we set our own fees hence our fees are reasonable & comparative, this is not at the expense of quality in any area.


The Office of NHP Education Consultants is located to the centre point of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Students benefit from its location because it is easy to reach from every corner of the Dhaka.


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